Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a little highlight reel

So many were totally over 2010. But I think I hear that every year- "Oh, 2008, this year was rough." "Oh 1996, so happy to see you go."

That is life, though- attitude.

Aside from that, my 2010 was rad.

Went on kinda gnarly camping excursions in New Zealand. Concerning "the outdoors": even though I 'get it' now I still don't find the payoff worth the work it takes to achieve it.

Graduated college. A nice formality.

Bungee jumped. The 4th highest jump in the world (and the 3rd highest is 5 feet higher).

Sky dived. (Sky dove?). Forgot to breathe in freefall, was nauseous the rest of the day. I guess I really had the wind knocked out of me?

Moved to New York City. Got employed. Haven't slept this well in about 5 years.

Chopped my hair, shorter than a bob to dare I say it, a crop. Revelatory i.e. I wonder every day why it took me so long - pun intended.

Was able to go to 6 of my sister's collegiate volleyball games. I still can't understand why she (and other people in general) hates losing/sports don't have to be a metaphor for life/why can't everyone just relax/i'm such an annoying yogi, i get it.

Ran another 10K. In 55:20. Haven't been on a run since.

By a truly amazing string of events, one of my beloved friends just moved back to the city after a necessary, needed, albeit short (in retrospect) hiatus. You know the friends who you give you "free passes" of criticism because they empathize with how hard you are on yourself, and say things like, "Everything about you is cool."
Yeah, you have to keep those kinds around.

Cheers to 2011. It's got big shoes to fill, but I've got a good feeling about it.


siovhan said...

just so you know, you really are full of awesome. i brag about you all the time to my coworkers. seriously, way more than you'd likely think.

and we HAVE to plan boston/being on the same coast better. we are NEVER in the same place. you goin to lake winn this summer?

Alexandra said...

Siovhan, you're really way too nice. I miss you and am so glad you are doing well in Oregon!

And yes, our Boston timing IS truly terrible.

I do believe Lake Winn is in the cards this summer. Let's try to plan accordingly. Red Sox game?!

Love you, girl.