Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pray for the computer literacy of Burkina Faso

I've done many things for one 23 years young, but sending mail to Burkina Faso is a first.

(I thought the post office would close at 5, but upon arrival saw they were open until 9. I LOVE NEW YORK.)

In case you were wondering...
(it's ok, the USPS lady herself was about 8,000 miles off, thinking it was part of New Guinea)
it is located here:

where my friend Val is a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching computer literacy to the blessed people to have her in Burkina. Like, seriously, who devotes two years of their life to teach people how to do things like hit File-Save. Speaking French. Guts.

Her blog is one of my treasured Reader reads.

I have my usual 'candy' reads I browse through quickly because there are few things more satisfying than to see your Google Reader number descend to "Zero Unread Items"... and then there are her posts, where I "Keep Unread" until I have ample time to pore over every word, savoring what little jewels she shares from her adventures.

And of course, what did I choose to send her but a New York Magazine (a FAVE) covering the greatest topical Halloween costume (of two years ago), Sarah Palin!!!

Highly recommend you subscribe to Val's blog, "Exit Anytime"

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