Monday, November 29, 2010

Because its redeeming quality failed me

Is it sad that what I will miss most about home is the washer/dryer?

Southern California's been abnormally cold (it's year round warmth being the main draw), so I'm really stoked to go back to tropical-by-comparison NYC, a place where I don't question the additional layers.

I go back well fed, cousin-ed, familie-d, and football-ed: still significantly concerned for the mental health of the Boise State kicker, but super amped Peyton Manning threw us two touchdowns plus two other 'regular' interceptions. Thanks buddy!

Really excited to get back to choosing my own food to eat, and the selections on my own DVR. Even Top Gear gets old when you haven't chosen it yourself (Dad).

And let's be honest, YouTube and Facebook stalking sessions this weekend were priceless. I love when you find out that you have mutual friends with relevantly 'famous' people. Better than being stared at by Woody Allen on the street a couple weeks ago.

Monday, November 22, 2010

More vainglory.

So even though I was completely smitten, there were some problems I encountered as I was doing my hair after the first short-hair go around ....

so I just got it cut EVEN MORE and I am even deeper in love!

I didn't want to tuck anything behind my ears and I did NOT want bangs ... and I think we have achieved said requirements.

There is some concern that I may look too androgynous and of course, there's always that knowledge that some guys don't like short haired women, but really, who needs boys when you can look Parisian?!

That's what I thought, too!

I leave tomorrow for Thanksgiving with all my fam + about 20 relatives ... and I already miss New York.
Like, on the verge of tears.
This is so silly.

Is this what love feels like? Ok.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

'I want to go take pictures of me hanging out with starving Africans'


Maybe the funniest Summer Heights High -

like a gay Aussie mockumentary version of Mean Girls -

clip yet.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good thing he was cuter at age 15

My first crush.

But ever loss and jowls, anyone agree?

I am loving the New York scrutinization:

Unanswered Questions from the Press Conference via Vanity Fair

Let the dress speculation begin via NY Mag

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

(Can't) Whip My Hair

But I wasn't going for the Willow Smith look anyway...

by request:



Best part: it doesn't need getting used to. I've wanted to do it for about 2 years.

Or maybe I'm just on a haircut high.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Should I add this song to my running playlist?

Everytime I use this mug, I can't resist thinking to myself, "Votes for women, Step in time!"

(around 6:30)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Carolina Herrera

This morning, I went for a run around Central Park with my friend Liz. There's a Chilean miner running the full NYC marathon tomorrow. Inadequacy would be one way to describe the feeling.

It was freezing. I had to wear 2 jackets.

Then I went to this MoMa exhibit in Queens (hosted in an old school- P.S. 1) with a roommate and her friends.

I have not been sleeping very well lately so I was literally about to pass out from exhaustion walking around indoors, so after a while (this book caught my eye amid my wooziness), my roomie suggested I take the train back to Manhattan and walk around midtown to get fresh air and grab a pastry from Petrossian.

So I got there, and saw there was an area to sit down, and thought, eh, why not.

I got my little cappuccino and a brioche, and then SHE WALKED IN with presumably her husband and another couple.

Of course, dressed immaculately. Off-white coat, understated gray dress, gray tights, black patent heels, her signature huge pearl earrings. Perfect makeup. And whoever her plastic surgeon is, bravo.

She is a beautiful, elegant, and poised woman of opinions, all spoken in Spanish; their 'ceta' accent were VERY subtle, I might add.

They ordered vodka on the rocks and a lot of caviar. She quickly marveled, "DeLI-thi-oso!"

The men carried Swan Lake Playbills.

Topics of conversation included a couple mentions of "Catherine the Great," a "Victoria" (probably a queen), the economy, Save Venice and Feed the Children.

I kept ordering beverage after beverage to keep eavesdropping. It was so silly. And kind of uncomfortable because most of my energy was spent on not gawking at her and redirecting it to a concerned (awkward) "I'm-looking-for-a-friend" look past her out the window. Her husband gave me a couple quizzical looks.

I walked out with Spanish bubbling around in my head. Good to know (some of) it comes back.

But oh, Carolina... Did I mention she has amazing red hexagonal reading glasses with frames about an inch in diameter? SASSAFRASS!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Feels like home

As one friend introduced me to a group of older New Yorkers the other day, "she has just moved here because, in her wisdom from a young age, she has always wanted to."

For the first 11 years of my life, I lived on the same street number as I do now.

For those early years, I lived in a fishbowl-like beach-front house, with about 90:10 ratio of glass windows to walls (or so it seemed), with sliding glass doors and thin blinds for some semblance of privacy.

We ate our morning Cheerios to the view of waves crashing into shore, fell asleep to the same sounds, and used the sand instead of grass as our backyard terrain.

People watching was an evident part of our lifestyle.

And even still, living at the beach was not without its imperfections.

There were riptides in the water, dog poop on the beach from disrespectful owners (my dad would sometimes hunt them down and accost them with plastic bags for the dogs' business - awesome), the rust on our soccer trophies and bikes from the salt air, people smoking cigarettes and weed on the public seawall in front of our patio, the bums all around (aside from the 'beach bums'), the need to wear sunscreen for the omnipresent skin cancer risk.

Sometimes, as my dad relayed in his early mornings, there were naked surfers (undecided whether that is a pro or con of coastal living).

There were always people coming and going within feet of our house.

Even though it's not situated on a beach, this is part of the reason why New York feels so natural to me. Anonymous people everywhere, small cozy spaces, close-proximity living, people watching.... the air filled with smoke (I just pretend it's Europe), the dog poop (ok, still gross), the necessary skin-clearing benzoyl peroxide creams, waking up to the horns and sirens, and falling asleep to them too.

I was the only one of my sisters to ride a bus to school for a few years, as the schools we would later attend did not have them. Perhaps my affinity for public transportation stems from this: for me, the ability to walk anywhere is more liberating than being able to drive myself.

I think it boils down to the fact that you are never isolated here, which I think, looking back, was a weird adjustment when we moved to a home with a 'normal' amount of privacy and stillness.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pretty darn euphoric

Village Voice did a feature today titled:

"50 Reasons to Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in New York City"

Some of my favorites:

47. There is always someone crazier than you. ALWAYS.

29. Restaurants are as common as single men and women. And equally diverse. And you never have to see either of them again after the initial awkward encounter.

Smart people are the norm, not the exception. (Which doesn't mean they're sane, but at least no one's boring.)

When you fly back into the city after a vacation or business trip, no matter how long you've lived here, you get that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling.

Jaywalking is an art form.

Subway "prewalking," in which you walk to the exact right spot on the platform to board the train car that will save you the most time upon exit, exists and has a name. Gotta respect. (TOTALLY HAVE BEEN DOING THIS LATELY AND WONDERED IF OTHERS DID TOO)

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's like I live in DC or something

Living in New York City, we get election commercials for not only New York State, but Connecticut AND New Jersey.

It's midterm election overload, to say the least.

SO I thought these were funny.

Biggins buzzed this video:

Rainn Wilson, the actor who plays Dwight on The Office, tweeted this (I wonder if his tweet account is really Method acting practice for playing Dwight):

Shh, don't tell the politicians here I voted absentee for California ...