Monday, November 29, 2010

Because its redeeming quality failed me

Is it sad that what I will miss most about home is the washer/dryer?

Southern California's been abnormally cold (it's year round warmth being the main draw), so I'm really stoked to go back to tropical-by-comparison NYC, a place where I don't question the additional layers.

I go back well fed, cousin-ed, familie-d, and football-ed: still significantly concerned for the mental health of the Boise State kicker, but super amped Peyton Manning threw us two touchdowns plus two other 'regular' interceptions. Thanks buddy!

Really excited to get back to choosing my own food to eat, and the selections on my own DVR. Even Top Gear gets old when you haven't chosen it yourself (Dad).

And let's be honest, YouTube and Facebook stalking sessions this weekend were priceless. I love when you find out that you have mutual friends with relevantly 'famous' people. Better than being stared at by Woody Allen on the street a couple weeks ago.


brook said...

you talking about our mutual friendship with bee money??

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Woody, huh? You must have been near Elaine's. Yes, de rigueur layers (including scarf tied w/ Parisian knot) for NY, but not the usual L.A. gear ...

T.RIPPY said...


welcome to the pack

Alexandra said...

Jg: It was right outside his townhouse on the Upper East Side.
Taylor: Mahalo.