Saturday, November 6, 2010

Carolina Herrera

This morning, I went for a run around Central Park with my friend Liz. There's a Chilean miner running the full NYC marathon tomorrow. Inadequacy would be one way to describe the feeling.

It was freezing. I had to wear 2 jackets.

Then I went to this MoMa exhibit in Queens (hosted in an old school- P.S. 1) with a roommate and her friends.

I have not been sleeping very well lately so I was literally about to pass out from exhaustion walking around indoors, so after a while (this book caught my eye amid my wooziness), my roomie suggested I take the train back to Manhattan and walk around midtown to get fresh air and grab a pastry from Petrossian.

So I got there, and saw there was an area to sit down, and thought, eh, why not.

I got my little cappuccino and a brioche, and then SHE WALKED IN with presumably her husband and another couple.

Of course, dressed immaculately. Off-white coat, understated gray dress, gray tights, black patent heels, her signature huge pearl earrings. Perfect makeup. And whoever her plastic surgeon is, bravo.

She is a beautiful, elegant, and poised woman of opinions, all spoken in Spanish; their 'ceta' accent were VERY subtle, I might add.

They ordered vodka on the rocks and a lot of caviar. She quickly marveled, "DeLI-thi-oso!"

The men carried Swan Lake Playbills.

Topics of conversation included a couple mentions of "Catherine the Great," a "Victoria" (probably a queen), the economy, Save Venice and Feed the Children.

I kept ordering beverage after beverage to keep eavesdropping. It was so silly. And kind of uncomfortable because most of my energy was spent on not gawking at her and redirecting it to a concerned (awkward) "I'm-looking-for-a-friend" look past her out the window. Her husband gave me a couple quizzical looks.

I walked out with Spanish bubbling around in my head. Good to know (some of) it comes back.

But oh, Carolina... Did I mention she has amazing red hexagonal reading glasses with frames about an inch in diameter? SASSAFRASS!


for now said...

i love everything about this post, that is all i can say

brook said...

SO wonderful
i love her
and her espaƱol
and her glasses

Jg. for FatScribe said...

nice. God bless whilst in New York!! wow ... from NZ to NZ. Look forward to reading the updates.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

wait ... that was supposed to say NZ to "NY." it would help if i could type.