Monday, November 22, 2010

More vainglory.

So even though I was completely smitten, there were some problems I encountered as I was doing my hair after the first short-hair go around ....

so I just got it cut EVEN MORE and I am even deeper in love!

I didn't want to tuck anything behind my ears and I did NOT want bangs ... and I think we have achieved said requirements.

There is some concern that I may look too androgynous and of course, there's always that knowledge that some guys don't like short haired women, but really, who needs boys when you can look Parisian?!

That's what I thought, too!

I leave tomorrow for Thanksgiving with all my fam + about 20 relatives ... and I already miss New York.
Like, on the verge of tears.
This is so silly.

Is this what love feels like? Ok.


for now said...

i love it, fabulous choice

(oh and the blog tone was just grand he he)

Amanda Ingersoll said...

oh my goodness! I thought I was daring with my short hair cut! way to go! It looks great! miss you tons :(

Kate Lehnhof said...

I'm just discovering this blog! I love your hair!