Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby step to 6 o'clock

Have you ever seen What About Bob?

Because I have, no less than 30 times.

There is this one scene where (a very quirky and OCD) Bill Murray is sitting in the Gutman's coffee shop on the edge of his seat rocking back and forth with anticipation for Dr. Leeeo Marvin's call, moronically repeating "Baby step to 3 o'clock," even yelling at someone when they go to use the pay phone an hour or so before the expected call ("HEY! NO! I'm expecting a call!").

(aside: Hey, fellow kids who grew up in the 90s- remember when pay phones used to be for normal people?
The best was when you figured out how to avert paying a quarter and 'call collect' so you could figure out why your mom was running late to pick you up or something. Now moms text.
Too bad pay phones pretty much label you a drug dealer now.
Does collect calling still exist?

SO anyways, here I am at my desk, making up an original "Baby Steps" statement...


1 comment:

Katie said...

One of my favorite movies of all time!!

(And yes, every time I see someone using a payphone I'm like whaaa?)