Friday, December 3, 2010

But I could never be Jew.

Lately I've been on a shrimp cocktail kick.

(I'm calorically indifferent)

Because I've been in 'recovery' from disordered eating for several years now (it's nothing abnormal when one is prone to OCD), I can't place dietary restrictions on myself.

I've always had a refined culinary palette, so I admit someone with a love affair of candy, soda, and fast food would have a completely different journey. But I, myself, have to allow myself to eat exactly what I want when I want. So this is another way adulthood suits me, because having control over what I pick out is the only way I can healthily function mentally.

BUT... I was curious if there were any outlying nutritional concerns I should be aware of regarding shrimp. I NEVER do this (anymore because I used to be one of those people who fretted over how many egg whites were cooked in a veggie omelette. yeah. It was a huge, lame, destructive waste of time)...

BUT...I found apparently shrimp has an outstanding amount of cholesterol. So I will take this into account, like a sane person.

But that won't stop me from eating that horseradishy cocktail sauce by the spoonful if the moment calls.

As you were.

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for now said...

as you were! a ha love that