Monday, December 20, 2010

Epic hikes to be found everywhere but here

But that's ok, I'm quite content with my concrete jungle and hiking flights of stairs.

Confession time: I watch Sarah Palin's Alaska to be reminded of my similar outdoorsy New Zealand adventures, not to mention I appreciate the sound bytes it gives me to keep refining my impersonation of her.

(HAHA, I love this. Pulled it from The New Yorker.)

But this blog post on Arenal in Costa Rica looks really similar to this utterly spectacular hike I took earlier this year in New Zealand.

See more pictures from the 19.4 kilometer Tongariro Crossing (New Zealand) hike here.

Now back to G-chat with Denmark and Burkina...


Jg. for FatScribe said...

oh my! you and Sarah P. in the same post... delish. Thank you for YOUR comments. I live vicariously through your adventures, girl. You are all over the globe (you're like ABC's old program "the wide world of sports" ... which antedates you by two decades -- and truth be told, me by about a decade).

blessings in 2011!!!


siovhan said...

i love that show. i dvr every episode!