Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A snapshot of yesterday

Thank goodness for thorough old school Jewish doctors who prescribe four (4) things, to be taken concurrently, to ease up sinus congestion (I've been temporarily deaf in one ear, for the record).

Then I came home and watched some Wheel of Fortune (the inability to hear in one ear adds to the whole elderly experience, awesomeee). I know exactly when to cue it so it takes approximately 10 minutes to get through. I'm that good (lame)!!!

Then of course, as if I don't stare at a computer screen enough, I had to check Google Reader before bed, the result of which leads me to pose the following question:

What is worse?

That this song has been playing in my head since I watched it last night?


The fact that I actually listened to the whole thing. (Since I'm curious about peoples mannerisms, the residual quiver of Vlad's mouth with each stanza sung was silly enough to me to not look away.)

Damn you Blueberry Hill for creating this hell... and BIGGINS for sharing it. ;)


Kaitlyn Thatcher said...

Alex thank you for posting this. Seriously made my day. Soooo hysterical.

austin said...

I welcome your damning :)