Thursday, December 9, 2010

These things I know, this Thursday

the claims about Moroccan oil are true.

i get first-world guilt all the time, but i realize cannot live my life in guilt when i'm given infinite opportunities to do good.

add 'fear' to the above.

Smashbox green foundation primer is brilliant.

i still love to travel, but it's nice to be in a place where i'm not itching to get away out of desperation.

I don't do well with downtime. tranquility stresses me out.

i have really cool cousins.

i finally accepted that i can be hyper critical of myself and others, so i'm working on it with ferocity.

i can be logical to a fault. but at least i'm not irresponsible, right?! ;)

i'm super WASP-Y. This book was hilarious and autobiographical in many ways. also, yuppie is one of the highest compliments you could ever pay me.

I wondered why I could only count on my hands the number of boys I had crushes on growing up in California and at college COMBINED, until I realized that oh, yeah, duh, I'm attracted to preppy-slash-rugged boys like my dad that exist in droves on the northeast corridor.

I have faced a LOT of fears this year! whew!

in my experience running the gamut of hairstyles and color, short hair-ed brunettes have the most fun. ;)

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for now said...

AH I adore Moroccan Oil!

and I also adore posts that are lists like this, great job