Monday, December 6, 2010

Which one of these is not like the others?

Had a 10K run this weekend with some friendlies and it was so fun, but pretty cooold.

My time was 55:20/ an 8:55-per-mile pace.

Can YOU spot the Californian wearing three jackets? HAHA

(I always forget how tall I am, thinking people are just a tad below eye level ... then whoa, pictures reveal the truth!)
And uh, you know, I'm totally going to gloat because as you remember the point of my blog is to project my narcissism on you, so my time was 55:20, which is a 8:55 average-per-mile pace) which is about 6 minutes less than the first 10K I did about 2 years ago, around hilly Central Park no less.

Empire State of Mind came on the iPod as I was rounding on the west side of the boat pond for the first glimpse of the Central Park South skyline. I almost cried in happiness, but then my knees cried louder in pain, and I was refrained.

Aww... a bit of Helaman Halls at the finish line. Precious.

I ran it in 55 minutes, 20 seconds!

Of course the most important part of this event was the post-race brunch, where I still found no need to de-layer. haha.

And now I will go hibernate til spring.


for now said...

"And now I will go hibernate til spring." I feel this way every day :)

Also, CONGRATS! Your time is awesome! ruv ruv it

Tara said...

i love this post!!