Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Man + PETA ponies

After a great fatherly pep talk after a rough last week, I think we are finally making progress of him understanding that the MBA/starting my own business track is not The Solution to All My Problems
(as well as humanity's struggles, global warming, North Korea's volatility, the mess that is Afghanistan, AIDS, ET CETERA. Not to mention Portuguese or Mandarin being the worlds' languages in 30 years- just my guess).

At least not yet.

The above might make sense with some context that all family gathering conversation practically centers around marketing strategy and entrepreneurship.

And then, add the occasions when I chat here and there with my best cousin in San Fran:
we start off lamenting to each other about working for The Man, and inevitably deadpan to a variation of "AHH! Let's just start our own company. Seriously."

Oh, first-world problems!

At this point, I just don't believe in the strength of any of my ideas. And that's a fundamental tenet of being an entrepreneur, soo...

Oh, wait...along with that whole 'raising capital from investors' part...
as I understand it, fancy jargon for fundraising .... yikes.
(Is this form of 'begging' perceived in a different light when one highly believes in their idea?)

Just FYI, you are allowed to laugh at my amateurishness.

Comic relief self-taken New York photo:
"My Little PETA Pony"

The story: walking back to my place from a friend's, feeling really angry after watching the Jets' loss, when I saw this masterpiece and keeled over in muffled-but-audible laughter.
And I was by myself. YES.

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

yes, first the Jets ... ouch. next, fatherly chats are grand. finally, (oh, yes, classic photo of lea michele and PETA PSA!) you and your multi-iterative blog (is that a tautology?) are most deserving of recognition!