Friday, January 14, 2011

My doubly awesome yesterday

So yes, yesterday was doubly awesome!

I had a lunch I knew wouldn't fail me (the Whole Foods salad bar). Because if I have a mediocre lunch, the rest of the day seems to reflect as such. haha.

My friend, we'll call her Michelle, is back in the city and among other things, came with me to Bikram Yoga after work, which I only mention because:
a) it was the most most amazing-slash-intense Bikram sesh of my life aka I looked like I had just gotten out of a hot tub for a GOOD ten minutes after.

and b) Michelle told me the last time we did Bikram together was when she really decided she needed to leave her husband; a day later she was on a plane to California. (I remember being so confused like "wait, we")

c) and last night I came to a career epiphany.

So case in point, Bikram changes lives.

*Off yoga soapbox

Beatles on Pandora. Today's going to be great too!

SPEAKING OF LONDON TOWN: I was watching a TLC special the other day about the Royal Weddings (of the 20th century) because Wills and Catherine are my drug of choice right now (have you heard?! Tea Towels are ON!) and it made me really happy.

What can I say, I am ELDERLY sometimes.

My friend Sarah who was visiting told me I need a cat. YES.

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