Friday, January 14, 2011

My greatest fear. Truly.

I have enjoyed a quiet night in finally getting around to reading this story framed as how Chinese parenting methods are 'better' ... but I think it might speak to the repercussions of dogged immigrant mentality (just one of my many reactions, which can all be generally labeled as 'horrified').

- the nearly 6000 comments from it on WSJ (I guess Bill Gates recently wrote about an African issue and it elicited 187 comments....?)

- Betty's blog post on the matter

- and the popular Quora rebuttal thread, all three of the latter being more interesting than Chua's original piece.

Concluding selfish thought: Parenting scares the living daylights (for lack of a cruder, juicier term - my mom is reading...oh, the irony) out of me.

There it is. My greatest fear.
But on the flip side, I've heard it's indescribably rewarding, so I'll keep an open mind on the matter.

*****POST EDIT*****

Betty was quoted in the New York Times on this topic!


Lauren said...

I just read that article too. Fascinating to say the least. As far as the parenting thing being terrifying, well, I think that's a pretty accurate statement. But like you also mentioned, it really is the most incredible feeling to look into the face of your own little baby and see her smiling back at you. In all my life I have never felt such a rush of love from such a simple smile.

Katie Rich said...

I didn't read the articles, but your conclusions crack me up. Public speaking? Check. Death? No problem. PARENTING?!?! NO! I think you would have fantastic insights to give a child. And someone as smart, talented and beautiful as you? Those genes are meant to be shared.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

great article and delicious controversy! betty found my website via your webite, i think. and i was delighted to read her original post on the subject. (boy, she was on that quick!)

re: PARENTING ... you'll be great. all of us freak out a bit, but it (the instinct to love and protect and sacrifice for your brood) always works itself out.