Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ode to Groupon

My initial perceptions of Groupon were that you needed to sign up to a group, or become part of a forum of anonymous strangers, or rally friends to get in on deals with you, etc etc... all of which sounded exhausting.

Thankfully, it is simpler. You simply subscribe to their daily email and voila, you are given a feed of deals tailored to your zip code (usually around 50 percent off).

Then you purchase them, and print the receipt.

And now I'm addicted. ha.

I have a personal theory that it is changing the way poor-ish* people explore new locales, not to mention allowing businesses to get the word out.

Because specifically, living in a city like New York, you know you can find anything, but sometimes you don't know you want it or you don't know it exists... enter Groupon email.

Or, for example, for the important decision that is deciding what to eat, I find myself poring over Menu Pages, but the negative reviews discourage me more than the positives encourage, so I too often bag the whole idea and eat somewhere reliable.

Plus, Groupon is not bound by city. Case in point, my sister, who gets the Boston Groupon email, sent me a link for a Nordstrom Rack deal. I used mine in NYC, I think she ended up using hers in California. Ha.

a media-savvy 20-something urbanite; who is in school or doesn't make 6 figures, and thus, welcomes a deal when it comes to exploring something new.

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

love groupon as a business model. never used their coupons, but my brothers are hooked! we approached them not too long ago (the Internet co. that I founded just out of grad school), and we weren't sure about them. were we ever wrong! and, now, I too am "poor-ish" though for different reasons!

btw, love that you and your sis were able to work the system ... as you say, Ha!