Monday, January 31, 2011

Please excuse the mess

Let this arbitrary record show:

I am attempting to de-clutter my life Firefox browser with 12 tabs I've had open for a solid week (thanks to Biggins. How are you at UVA law and Buzz-ing blogs and articles and original pieces of writing 24 hours a day? My only conclusion is a time machine.)


my Google Reader that is now in the high hundreds (which I have been ridding of those dime-a-dozen blogs premised on linked Flickr photos of Parisian Macarons, musing endlessly about moving to France: a cute respite while I was a frustrated undergrad, but, you know, I grew up and made it happen so I now eat macarons almost daily).

Yes, those above two, along with what sits on my nightstand. Exhausting, I tell you.

Also, is it monumentally horrible that I kind of loved Julian Assange in the 60 Minutes interview? Maybe it's that wannabe vagabond part of me, but the way he coolly deflected all of Mike Wallace's accusations had me giggling. Never mind the fact that King Tut's tomb might go up in flames tomorrow... uh ...

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austin said...

with the former problem, I can only recommend a good tab-manager add-on. I use Chrome nowadays, not Firefox, but I remember Taboo was a pretty good option for Mozilla. Just save the tabs and come back to them later!