Wednesday, February 16, 2011

G is for Gratuitous

Eep! I cut my hair shorter and dyed it black!

(Although I saw a girl the other day with platinum blonde white cropped hair, and decided it would be my by-end-of-summer goal color because it looked rad and why not?)

And, Brittany, welcome to the club!

With my 16-year-old blonde ID following me around, I now count 'confusing bouncers and TSA personnel alike' as hobbies.

Natural, with help from the Sun.

Also, W for Watson last night:

a) Silly wager numbers and
b) 'What is Toronto?????' GASP!!!!!


siovhan said...

IT LOOKS FREAKING AWESOME!! your amazing bone structure carries short hair SO WELL. i'm seriously jealous! hott stuff, lady.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I second the compliment, you looked fabulous. Yes you will definitely be keeping those that need to check our ID on their guard!! I too would love the white blond almost with a hint of gray, but too old and too chicken. Maybe I should just go more gray?

Love your hair!

Miss B. said...

yes, amazing! get to blond! I think I'm gonna go back to my hairdresser and tell him to get rid of the orange and ask for white. Eeeek!

for now said...

YOU MUST TEST PLATINUM! I love that idea and am SUCH a fan of what is happening over there!

noelle regina said...

i love this short hair.
i def need to go shorter next!