Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Salander Struggles

So, I've been struggling with Lisbeth Salander lately. Actually, more like her author. Eh, probably more like the author's Swedish editor.

I'm a third the way through the third book, she's going to Kick The Hornets' Nest, it's going to be an epic win over human injustice, BUT... oh my gosh, the writing is so bad.

So much unnecessary information, so much redundancy, too much wordiness!

(The cover of the edition I'm reading (UK), borrowed from a friend. 600 pages I wouldn't mind if 60% of it weren't fluff. Maybe the US edition is more concise?)

It's widely known that Larsson, the author, died in 2004, before his novels gained international acclaim. But every every page is marred with unseen legal issues for me (ironically. ha!): I feel like if just one more editor could have gotten his or her hands on the manuscript, after translation and what editing was done, it could have been far more fluid.

My pride is keeping me from stopping, though. I have to finish.

Make no mistake, I love what The Millenium Trilogy represents: its message; the feminism; its heroine, Lisbeth Salander.

I don't really enjoy fiction because I hate knowing something isn't a true story (there are so many true ones already told!). But I love a good social criticism and don't really care for character development (upon which these novels don't expound), so I overlooked them being fiction.

But it's painful to reflect on any last 5 pages and to say to myself, "So, basically, I could have written that in 5 sentences."

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