Saturday, March 19, 2011

The only thing better than Jimmer

Is spotting my Spain roommate/discoteca dancing partner in crime, Sarah (who's married to numero 13, Brock).

I replayed this for maybe five minutes, laughing my face off, remembering how we used to quote Mean Girls i.e. "Four for you, Glen Coco. You go Glen Coco!"

Ohh the Spain memories. Ohh las discotecas- an integral part of the cultural experience. If we started heading out before midnight, our host madre would literally gasp, interrogating us as to why we were leaving "so early!"

(The discotecas don't reach full swing until about 4 am).

Here we are being all-around Eurotrash in Bar-the-lona (having gained a good amount of soft Spanish olive oil weight. hhaaha).

And with our other compadre besties, Kendal, Liz and Lauren in Portugal. OBRIGADA.

Ohhh my gosh, I forgot about GARRETT:

(This kid in our program whose preferred resting position was Squatting (naturally), never took off his headphones or his beanie, and thought he was cool for incorporating "eh" into conversation due to time spent in Canada on an LDS mission.)



Laur and Jeff said...

wahahahaha this post made. my. day! So many hilarious memories. On of my favorite videos of all time is the one with Sarah and the lizard.
And the bit about Garrett is so spot on--that pic is hilarious!
What an amazing time! Miss you girl! Looks like you are living the dream in NYC tho! Good for you!
Love ya!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

awesome time in Espana (and good on ya for the proper (kingly inspired) TH on your Barcelona!) to be sure. wrote a little piece about it (claro!) over at FatScribe:

btw, how soon until you're in the traveler's century club (when your passport is punched 100x)? sheesh!

Kendal said...

haha sarah looks so into it!
good times in spain. hey, while you're in new york find a sweet job for benjy at a big time advertising firm. thanks!