Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Halfway House

Lots of visitors lately (re: title), which means lots of giggles and memory lane strolls and updates, including dramatic readings from exhaustive blogs ... among other things.

Telly is the kind of person who alternates between using $200 words and talking about pandas. 
But most of all, eating sugar. 

Bunny from my mom's easter package accompanied us to this place.

You have to walk through long clear plastic paneling (a la a butcher's freezer 'door') to get in. 

It looks like Christmas exploded over Cinco de Mayo exploded over Graceland. 

I want to take everyone who comes to visit.

Truthfully, I wasn't ready but now it looks hipster. 

We're sooooo coooooool, I should stop washing my clothes, take up smoking and moccasins, and start a Tumblr of polaroids. 

- Walked by a park in Greenwich Village, saw her with her baby and laughed so hard because of how Telly said the boy's name aloud combined with the image of how he looked slumped in the swing (I think she (J) may have heard us: OOPS).

Samberg and Empire State Building in same field of view = perfection 

(hard to see: "'Hustlaz drink ...")

More highlights from the high life that is The High Line:
"The sooner you park your car, the sooner you can stop thinking about parking your car." 

Couple other notables: 
- Best cab ride ever: 48th to 13th street without a red light. It was at around 2 am, not rush hour ... but whatever, amazing.

- Ate Cafeteria food.

- Mickey and I went to Pianos, again, of course. 

Our favorite DJ. 

He loves us (as does his Asian wife, not pictured, in case you were wondering).

There was no one on the stage, but then we created this. Tradition.

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for now said...

why thank you my dear! for the post and for the halfway house - best time EVER and I got to catch up on my K&L - EPIC & #winning