Monday, April 18, 2011

Random crunch

I've been told I have a knack for putting people at ease in situations, and so in this city of neurotic, I find myself more often pursuing and promoting mellow.
This was particularly brought to my attention the other weekend when I spent some time with new friends visiting from LA...I was so taken aback by how low key they were but quickly realized, "Oh yeah, I haven't hung out with any Californians in a while." Haha!

I have done yoga on and off for maybe 8 years, but I've really gotten into it here. All the Eastern spirituality...the ancient art form that it is... it brings me back to the beach culture I grew up around. It really is the only form of 'exercise' that brings my 200 mph mind to a complete meditation. It's like a boyfriend. We're pretty serious...If I miss 2 days, I really do feel out of sync.

ENTER my (ever so small) hipster streak as I annoyingly implore you to listen to this.

I don't even like the original version of 'Fast Car' ... some 90s one hit wonder, no? Kind of like this song I remember making fun of my brother for liking ("phat like Cindy Crawford" etc) as my family roadtripped up the California coast at the turn of 2000.

Speaking of the California coast... of course, since I am always planning 8 steps ahead, I wouldn't be surprised if I 'end up' in northern California ... The few times I have visited I really took to the variety of offerings: urban, beachy, forest-y, hippie, yuppie, with good weather (it's been a long winter here, can you tell?)... all stirred into a progressive pot of diversity.

I've also really liked everyone I've met from there - all well-rounded, well-adjusted and level-headed.

Now it is blogged. Coded in HTML (stronger than the pen?) SO we shall see.

Enough oversharing for one day ... Oh, yeah:

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Rachel Longhurst said...

COME to NOR-CAL. Im addicted. And you will be too. Plus. We could live next to each other...and I wouldnt hate that ONE BIT. But that's just how I feel:)