Friday, May 13, 2011


My dad spent the bulk of his 20s in Philadelphia, so he's entitled to call it whatever he wants.

It's late Friday/early Saturday, and I simply forgot how much I hate packing. Wah wah waaaaah with 5 As.
For one night, mind you.

Refer to this twitter feed.

But I reeeeeally can't wait to see my sister and see what kind of Serena Williams' hairstyle she has concocted on her pretty head, and also my dad who is downright hilarious and calls me out on finally being 'old enough' to "appreciate" his humour.

In other news, my best cousin was in town again a week or so ago and she got this song in my head.

Cheers to spring finally springing, to salmon-colored slacks on WASPy specimen who inhabit this isle, to warm drinks now iced, and overall brighter outlooks.

Ok, I gotta go to bed, this isn't healthy ... all of this complaining and cheers-ing is precisely the thing I mock in normal hours of my blog-perusing. ha.