Monday, May 16, 2011

Filthy is the new lovely

Sister's crew didn't fare so well in this weekend's races.

She harbors scary levels of competitiveness, so it was ever so kind of her to press pause on her anger and disappointment for half a second to take a picture.

Along with the above,

- my dad showing me around his old Filthy stomping grounds, seeing memory after memory come back to him as we checked out all his formerly frequented frats, labs, notable buildings and urban spaces where he used to draw, and what of it had changed or remained the same (as he hadn't been back in nearly 40 years).

- sighting a WASP-y old man at the race prepped out in salmon pants and a lavender sweater. *le sigh

- Getting my first sunburn of the summer on my translucent Manhattan skin (despite knowing it won't tan)

- road-tripping back to The City with a friend despite it taking twice as looong and bad LA traffic hallucinations ...

made it a great weekend.

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