Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Pin

Bobby, it's been a long time coming.
As in pin.
I'm on The Pin.
Bobby Pin.

(Hair-storians: is it short for 'bob-control pin'?!!?!?!!!)

I remember once when I was about 6, my mother apologizing to me and my younger sister in the powder room that she couldn't do anything to our hair other than a ponytail or a simple simple braid.

(Tangent: That younger sister would go on to teach herself how to French braid her hair among other hair tricks self-taught, request a sewing machine for Christmas, and crotchet a bajillion hats...every summer.
She also happens to be an AMAZING athlete, so she'll be at airports having her carry-on double checked at security due to 'suspicious' knitting needles, until they look up to see this fresh-faced amazon beauty in athlete issue sweats with her red hair intricately braided a la Serena Williams. hah.)

Anyways, I am completely clueless when it comes to all things artsy & craftsy & hair-y. Even a flat-iron is a struggle. Which I am realizing kind of makes sense because while I was never the most athletic of my sisters, I've always been the most 'tomboy':
I've always been my dad's right hand sports watching companion. I was the one who went furthest with the more brawny sports (softball and basketball). I was more into Sports Illustrated for Kids than American Girl.

And was hair inept - UNTIL NOW. Sort of.

My cousin taught me how to bobby pin my hair!!!
And after failing the first few times (yes, I KNOW they're fool proof, go easy, remember I am a crafty klutz), I sort of have the hang of it.
And it's a life-maker with my short hair.

(With Telly. Fun fact: before I even existed, my mom knew her as an infant + her mom. So here's to Jacque, too!)

So anyways, in this most narcissistic way, Happy Mothers' Day, mom. If your worst quality is your hair-do inabilities, I'm delighted the handicap (hairdicap?) was passed on to me, because it only means I'm closer to being like you.

(At Eataly, last October. Pre-chop/Pre-Pin)

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

jealous that you got to Eataly! awesomeness incarnate ... well, i guess that would be God, but you know what i mean!

re: hair ... as i have none, i have no insightful comment.