Sunday, June 19, 2011


Needless to say, since moving to NY, my BS meter (and gaydar, for that matter. AMES??!) has been FINELY tuned.

So this is why, after so many sang its praises and compelled me to check it out, I have taken issue with Pinterest.

NAMELY, the 'sign up' form eliciting unnecessary emails that have, essentially, turned me off.

UGH, I did not give you my email to join an e-waiting list, Pinterest! Get over yourself!

And RIGHT, I'm tooootally going to check you out on Facebook and Twitter in this ambiguous 'meantime' because I'm on such PINS and needles to be a part of this exclusivity!!!

NO, I'm pretty sure, nay, 100 PERCENT SURE, I already joined via giving you MY email on YOUR site.

Don't turn this around and put the ball in MY court, because it's actually in YOURS now to re- and over- impress me enough to come back.

I mean, REALLY? (Seth and Amy- SNL shout out) REALLY, Pinterest? Who do you think you are??! REALLY!

"We'll let you know" ... 30 minutes later ... "Congrats!" This is not my first time at the rodeo.

Besides, you're about as pretentious as Tumblr, Pinterest. There, I just made it real for you.

But never fear my friends, I am open to your happy Pinterest stories. Maybe they will all one day mount in argument against my current dis-pinterest ... so much that I actually start.

(PS: duh, I'm on my email at 1am on weekends.)


Camilla Leila said...

i kind of agree with you about pinterest - but i do use it...not sure why. it is kind of a bunch of bs.

also. ames is totally gay.


Aimee Berrett said...

i just found your blog when i was looking into why the heck pinterest needs invites. i agree this is stupid. i wanted to join cause i was thinking of ways to design my kitchen. but not i'm over it. and i don't think i'll ever use it, even if they do send me an invite, someday. dumb dumb.