Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bachelorette Recap Ep. 7: Out with the Girlie Men

(To quote a despicable, multiple siring governator)

"Taiwan is the Hidden jewel of asia because most people don't know about it." Don't insult our intelligence, Ashley.

Why is she always dressed like she's on Spring Break in Cancun. Would it KILL you to wear a longer than fallopian length skirt, Ashley?!

"steam engAn"

Because Constantine is still a bro, Ash. That's why it's moving slow.

A wedding I attended this past weekend did this same lantern thing! It looked magical, in the twilight over a lake.

"Taking this lantern thing seriously! = there's a potential future together!" *PALM TO FOREHEAD

Gorgeous is spelled GORGES... Ashley meant "GorGAS!"

I care about Ashley a lot, but you know, I still can't give up my residual frat-tastic ways.

They're talking about Brad Womack?

Her insecure questions have become a common thread. (i.e. "Do you think our love wish will come through?")

PerFact, PerFact.

Another Spring Break in Cancun outfit.

Solar Panels is the most obnoxious person on the face of the planet. Grow some testosterone and try getting mad, for once. Ahhh girlie men.

Aww, MacGRUBER (!) (Lucas) trying to make coherent sentences.

"You ARE seriAs about this?" Insecure question #98384

"I don't think she will end up with any of them. They're all such looosers!" - sister

Aaand, another Spring Break Forever 21 outfit.

*GASP - GAYMES'S appearance! PerFact!!!

Gaymes is loving this shoot.

"You nerVas? All this wwwedding stuff?!" -insecure question #89082

MacGruber is a girlie man ... mad about outfits? Oy.

Oh Gaymes. I die for little prep school boys in their uniform coat and tie.

Solar Panels fiiishing for intimacy.

He's SO bent out of shape about that block throwing thing. Wow.

Solar Panels the Tai-Chi EXPERT.

He is exhausting.

But Solar Panels would do the same thing (storm out of a girls apartment over a tossed water bottle). Of course, he's creepy so he'd never admit it until the opportunity presented itself.

Girlie man! This confessional is so unnecessary and embarrassing! Stop!

Her dress is Spring Break Cancun mermaid style.

I'm just sad I won't be able to yell "MacGruber!" anymore at the screen.

Ahh, snooze. Which one of her Spring Break outfits was your favorite? Meaning, the worst?!

Wait, Emily?

He'll always be a huge part of your life?

DOT DOT DOT for the win.

You'll always be in love with him?


Tara said...

i sat down to watch just as she and solar panels went on their date...i only saw 10 minutes but it was so painful and i had such extreme secondhand embarrassment that i couldn't keep watching. first of all, that outfit (the blue open back shirt) was just NONONONONONO, and then the whole water heater convo...omg i was dying. i don't know how you do it every week.

Alexandra said...

The water heater thing didn't even surprise me, I guess. I was probably looking at other stuff on Reader or something...
It's so boring, but some of the stuff they say is just priceless. and they've put themselves on television, so I'm not that embarrassed for them, really.
Yeah, and the open back shirt was totally a WTF outfit.

Katie Rich said...

Blue shirt with no back wins the cake this episode, I think.

*tears* Maybe I am just not cut out for this *tears* - well, no one is because real relationships don't happen like this, so feel better Ashley. You are on a game show that disguises itself as a dating show. You get to go to awesome places. You already won, so be happy!

Alexandra said...

@Katie- hahaha. EXACTLY!!! She's always in 'such a dark place' and 'not sure' if she's cut out for the next date, fake heartbreak, or locale.

Elizabeth said...

JEEZ TARA, you can't judge the whole show just by Ryan's crappiness. It's all about JP, anyways. Or Ben F.