Monday, July 18, 2011

Bachelorette Recap Ep. 8: Pizza making, the ultimate trump card

"normal sAttings"

"I love his long hair"

She is dressed like she's on the way to a Dancing With The Stars dress rehearsal. PerFact.

(oblivious to what she is insinuating) : "The waitresses just lAv him!

Constantine wants to win because he knows his family is shopping their restaurant for a reality show. Lots of job securities are on the line!!! Don't blow it!!!

So funny how these talks are staged. Like this is the FIRST time dad and son have talked about the future. Oh wait, it's the Bachelor...maybe it IS the first time... In the words of Andy Samberg, "Awkward!!!"


HAHAHA Parents in the doorway!!!!! Is that taught in film school? Reality TV 101?

Ames "hasn't brought home many girls before." Yeah, because the other other girls didn't have camera crews.

My friend Liz thinks he's the weirdest-looking person ever. SAD for her...

(Just one of many email threads between us. I live for them. They're so intelligent, uplifting, and mature.)

"She's brilliant" - OH DEAR

Aww, Gaymes.

Ashley, you like ANY Josh Groban lookalike.

Boat shoes for the win. The hair is such a conflicting element of his under-prep-stimated image.

He's only brought 1 home because normal girls don't travel with camera crews, Ashley.

LOL. Yes, mom! Cut the hair in his sleep!!!!!

All these moms love her, wow.

JP takes a sympathy fall; confirms, once again, that he has no spine.

Oh, his hair is growing back. yipee!!!

'I get on such a high...' when these camera crews come around.

"Please enjoy yawselves" -new yawker hawspitahlity.

Aw, she's such a good jewish mom.

Bar mitzvah photo is GENIUS!!!!!


Winemaker cut his hair! Hallelujah.

"Pizza maker over Harvard Business School, wow." - my mom. Oh wait, it's the Bachelorette... I ALMOST FORGOT.

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