Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little ditties I love.

Little sis is on a grand tour of Southeast Asia with her friend, and pictures have just started to roll in on The Face (book).

Could this be the first 6'2" ginger Vietnam has ever seen? Perhaps.

Watched Notorious with my mom the other day and found out that Ingrid Bergman is the spitting image of my grandmother.

Based on this past weekend's impromptu focus group, Sponge Paint Lady is a HIT with private school girls. You know, the ones who already speak 5 languages each, and wax especially rhapsodic about the dead ones.
Clearly, you all need to reexamine your humorous preferences.
Just kidding, I'm not forcing my lifestyle on you. ;)

My new job is finally starting next week, and I move even further downtown in two weeks. The horizon is so bright, not even the melting streets can bring me down.


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chantelle.elise said...

to the future! love love