Friday, August 26, 2011

On this eve of Irene

My Southern roommate suggested we have a Hurricane Party (they exist down there! mind blown!), to fete Irene, the lady of the weekend.
Only when we realized she would arrive an unfashionable day early than expected, that it started getting real.

The #WhiteGirlProblems/#FirstWorldProblems jokes about missing the US Open, or missing a run, or parties being cancelled... have lessened.

People actually paused to read signs in the subway about the scheduled noon closure tomorrow.

The air feels different. Not sure what energies of science are unfurling around me, but the best way to describe how I feel is a mild case of vertigo and maybe even otherworldliness.

The city was a very funny place today. It was as if the incoming storm was a secret everyone thought they must be stoically sworn to secrecy about, and only with a knowing glance in the aisles at the store as you carried your water or query for where you got your batteries were you outed as One Who Knows, Too.

And then there were some carefree, arm in arm on their way to early dinner.

And there were buskers beat boxing on our corner, documented by iPhone by roommate.

The super came by today to fix a door. I offered him some mint chocolate brownies I had whipped up and he declined, citing his veganism. (only here would one have a vegan super! HA!).

My flight to LA is cancelled Monday.

Our cases of water are stacked.

We have cards, books, and Taboo.

Be nice to us, Lady I, won't you?

Gawker, usually the Captains of Snark, rallies us to good cheer

New Yorkers, even during hurricanes, are like no other.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

For when the desired result is NOT pizza

So my epidermis has proved an uphill battle since I moved to this 'swamp pit' (my west coast dermatologist's words... my east coast one has been perplexed- "isn't California polluted, too?" oh, easterners.)

I came to an independent conclusion that my issue was related to the need to shrink my pores, as all other elements were aligned (I eat well, do yoga like a crazy person, drink water like a camel... you remember? ok.)

So here are some things I've learned from my bathroom laboratory studies:
1- use a toner after cleansing ("too simple, thus, must be ineffective" I used to reason) I use one from Dr. Denese, a line that comes roommate/swamp pit-veteran recommended: more effective than a doctor's suggestions, in my experience.
2- use exfoliating pads to stimulate new skin cells.
3- use sunscreen. I previously scoffed at this, because I'm outside for maybe 10 minutes a day or in the shadow of buildings, but guess what? the sunlight and elements aid in expanding pores, making a bigger home for dirt to hang out, so I saw the light (PUN INTENDED) and SPF'ed.

As for #2 of the above, enter Peter Thomas Roth Max Correction Complexion pads, which you can find at sephora ... (whose employees are helpful 72% of the time, which is a wonder as they don't collect commission ... and have a liberal return policy... and show up HIGH on a Google search, their SEO is on TOP of things! ... I digress...)

PROS: they are magic, correct ruddiness and pizza face breakouts. and not just any ordinary 'pizza face', no, pizza face like you see being reheated under those sad lamps at the corner bodega, that bad.

CONS: You DO have to mentally prepare yourself, sit down, and take long deep breaths (a process not unlike childbirth, methinks) while you exfoliate as your face feels like it's on fire.

...I think I will try the Gentle ones next time to see if I get the same results without the whole Lamaze breathing aspect, in which I currently SHOULD be receiving course credit.

...they boast a 'peach bellini' scent that is really just propaganda to take your mind of the fiery hell that is happening on your face and to the beach or your own 'happy place', otherwise the glycolic and alcohol being rubbed on my face has made me cough, sneeze, and perform other surprise involuntary reactions... maybe for you it would be a cartwheel.

I have also used MD Skincare and Aveda ones in the past with success, however, this time around, I needed stronger ammunition.

Also helpful:
-not using waxy foundations/powders. MAC is one culprit, as it is actually formulated for the stage or camera (optional predicate: "dahling").
-using a clay-based mask every now and then to further shrink pores

Okay enough of that, look at this cute photo of Kate and Pippa last weekend! Aww, sisters.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Means "lucky peach" ... fitting.

I moved down to the West Village, which is ridiculous. I love all my friends, and all the people who surround me, my family, my incredible parents and sibs. My job is ridiculous. Life is ridiculous. I am bursting with ridiculousness, and I'm sounding painfully ridiculous describing all of it.

For this wringer of a year I've had, I'm now the most sure I've ever been of what I want from life. This city and the experiences I've had thusfar have completely ripped open all of my prior notions to shreds, humbling me to take a crash course of how the world really works and how my energies should most efficiently be directed in the present.
I turn 24 next month and in all seriousness, I feel like the adventure has only JUST begun. Funny (now) that only 6 months ago, it felt as if it were just beyond my grasp.
I have never felt more happy or formidable, and just so glad I persevered through the roughness of uncertainty.

Aaand now, picture time.
After Momofuku this past week, (The definition of inventive. Get the pickled mussels container thing-y and then go across the street to the Milk bar and get their cake truffles), literally ran into this:

Still feel SO bad Suri has to carry an umbrella due to flashbulbs.

Anyway, I hope all of you are well and if not, know it all gets better with a time!