Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trader Joe's is NOT a good deal

...because their food is so delicious that I end up eating most of the groceries that I hoped would last a week or so, in about 48 hours!
Por ejemplo, I buy two boxes of their fruit popsicles and a carton of their dark chocolate sea salt almonds because that will suuurely tide me over a week in the treat department. And when the aformentioned costs all of 10 bucks altogether you justify saying, "Oh, at that price I could eat all of this in a day! Not that I would or anything. What am I? A glutton?... ha ha ha..."
BUT what happens is that you do.
(Well, in 2 days.)
Oops. ;)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An invincible summer.

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. -Albert Camus

On an episode Jeopardy this week they had a 'Surfin Safari' clue category, and I remembered again, how much I don't miss the Golden State.

Even when my fam emails me "It's 70 degrees today - you sure you don't like it here?"

I feel like the 'cold' is a fair undertaking when the other option is being bored to tears.

Of course, never say never: perhaps one day my Nor'eastern blood may run thin and I'll welcome the mind atrophy that is living in the tropics.

Word choice anxiety

I realize my posting has been pretty scattered and perhaps hard to follow. I'm trying harder to expunge details and thoughts without getting crippling word-choice anxiety that too often leads to drafts left unpublished.

The other day I received an email with the exact address of my old house as the subject line and some gibberish in the body (much like a Craigslist spammer, but this one was an incomplete business proposal), and it freaked me out. I am scared for my anonymity, and scared that somehow this account will one day serve as blackmail or that people will use this info as a way to predict my real-life behavior. There is also concern that people take some things too literally when sarcasm is intended (or vice-versa)... or that this blog informs my life. Inform or contradict, I'm just here for the writing practice and to entertain a couple of you who have supported me along the way.

Anyways, I hope you can graciously pardon the errors of run-on sentences, nonsensical comparisons, and incomplete thought processes, to name a few of my foes.

Or maybe I'm just in my head (which is highly, if not, entirely possible).

US Open Final: a story of NY convenience

I thought I should simply get it on record that getting tickets to the US Open final was a story of NY convenience. 
I'm sitting with my roommate watching the Nadal-Murray semifinal, thinking, "Gee, I wonder if there are any last minute tickets people are trying to sell for the finals."
Computer out, searched, called several numbers, made plans to pick one set up at the Astor Place Starbucks, and the tickets were mine within the hour.


People sometimes laugh at me when I tell them rollerblading is one of my favorite things to do here, until they try it with me.

Besides being able to go fast without hurting my knees or lugging a bike around, here are a few pictures that show why rollerblading is the best.

I took the following in San Fran at a shop where we rented bikes (I know, lame...) to ride through Golden Gate park.

"A logical, functional, sensible way to look ripped, rad and sexy."
- every one of those adjectives is just a little off, and therefore, magnificent.

Saw this guy when I was rollerblading with my sis in Central Park. On his way to JFK?
Ha, we probably laughed for a good five minutes.


I am so jealous of these skills:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9/11 in the city

9/11 was pretty draining, I must say. The whole city was collectively re-mourning the events over an over again, and even though I live here now, I strained to feel the same way. And when I couldn't, I mourned this gap in experience as only a self-absorbed, 20-something could.
Mourned that 10 years ago, I was just a high schooler with jerk-wad teachers who kept hushing us that day so they could get on with their lessons, and didn't personally see any footage of these rumored horrors that would change history until 6pm EST.

For all I theorize about New York City being a distinct province separate from America, it is still America. Arguably it's most tenacious city but, on that day, I think many people considered themselves part of America.  

Took these walking back from church. The only time I've seen people pause at these memorials.

Then after I went to the US Open to watch Serena "You are unattractive inside" Williams lose... roommate and I watched the 9/11 documentary on CBS, which was haunting in the very least. Both of us had a hard time sleeping that night, myself because I kept seeing those seconds of the first plane zooming overhead and the firefighters innocently staring up at the sound as they were doing a routine check on something else. Did any of you see it? Yikes.

Saluting September

My birthday was great! Not a huge deviance to my normal routine, but overall, 24 has so far, really agreed with me. Maybe it's simply the evenness of the number. I mean, for one, I played all 7 tiles in a turn of Scrabble last week (it was over 2 triple words, too... 'SALUTING', if you were wondering). So that's good?
My roommate and I have friends in the adjacent building to ours, and long story short, we were heading to dinner to celebrate the big 2-4 and I was left alone on the stoop for a minute while they ran inside to grab things forgotten.
When a couple came and sat on the step above me, I gave it no notice until I heard him whisper something followed by "Happy Birthday" softly, followed by a gasp and a box out of the corner of my eye. After a few moments, I turn and say (I mean, they're sitting 10 inches away from me) "Oh, is it your birthday?!" and she nods. However, before I can tell her that it's mine, too, I notice the huge rock on that finger and the telltale little square box sitting in his lap.
"Wait, did you guys just get engaged?!" I prod. They nod, grinning, and I immediately launch into congratulations, about the time my friends return to the stoop and I tell them of the news, and we all make a rather emphatic (by NY standards) scene of it.
One of my friends takes their picture and then in a break from my own picture-taking refrain (I always regret it, but it feels so forced, innapropriate and awkward in the moment), I decide I can't let my serendipitous moment with the couple I will never see again slip away.
So here is:

"'Our' Moment"/"A September 13 Sandwich"/"A Stoop Proposal" ....

and ultimately, "Only In New York: Installment 3874568723493"


I love rap music. I know, so unrefined...

My favorite is Jay-Z. His voice is just...well let's just say I'd have gotten pregnant a lot sooner than Beyonce if I were in her situation.

But he's a small man (confirmed by one of my old roommates who saw him on our street), and so we'd have little children. Kind of like Kim Kardashian and her new gorilla basketballer husband. I emailed my mom some hilarious photo that really showed their height disparity and she replied, "I hope he knows his kids won't be able to play basketball, too...or at least, let's hope their genes mesh fortuitously." CLASSIC.

I digress.

Anyways, love this song. Not really sure what all the gangsta-speak is referencing but I went to a really intense power yoga class the other day (where I have NEVER seen so many handstand variations executed flawlessly in my life. Not even in the Olympics. God bless the gays.) and this song made the recoil from the 20 pushup order to my chataranga by the linebacker teacher (if there ever were a linebacker who, say, got a lotus flower tattoo and replaced a few steaks with green juice to lean out a bit) a little less shameful.

And did you know that Jay-Z's name refers to where the J and Z subway lines meet in Brooklyn? Yeah, only learned that about a month ago. I felt like I finally joined an exclusive club, only to find all my friends were hanging out without me. Betrayed.

Also funny? My sister who was on her Southeast Asian tour ran into B.o.B at this rooftop pool in Singapore when he was filming this video.

We all know it didn't happen if there are no pictures, right?


Monday, September 12, 2011


Fashion's Night Out was a good time. My roommate's uncle is Billy Reid, so we went to his store for a while and listened to some good down home southern live music.

Sauntered down through SoHo, only to see Spring Street transformed into a mob scene around the DASH store (which, for reference, is nothing more than skanky mall clothes with a 5000% markup).

Walked all the way up to Meatpacking District and browsed DVF. Caught up with some friends.

Stopped in Magnolia's on the way home; they had cute FNO cupcakes. See!

Then we went to the Billy Reid fashion show the next evening at Milk Studios. Saw Brad Goreski (formerly Rachel Zoe's assistant) who actually seemed very friendly, patiently posing for pictures people embarrassingly asked to take of him;

Chris Bosh of the Knicks (Google and tell me his face isn't the spitting image of a lizard)

and The Anna Wintour ... who we then stalked down the hallway.

Then had Thai food under The Highline.

Then went to my friend's birthday party at Ajna in Meatpacking.

Then yesterday, went to the US Open Women's Final. And confirmed Serena's bad attitude (Just YouTube "serena williams 2009 us open semifinal"), cheered Stosur to beat her in straight sets.

Love the Aussies! aye!

Banner weekend, AYE?! (I'll get into photography when I retire. Sorry for the less-than quality pictorial evidence... haha)

Aaand my birthday is tomorrow! oioioi! HA!

Went, went...back, Cali, Cali

As soon as airports opened after blessed Irene, I flew out to LA for work and San Francisco for Labor Day weekend. I gotta say after a couple days, I was already aching to get back to New York.

That being said, it was ... interesting... being back in Southern California. On one hand the vibe is so familiar... for the first time in 8 months, I was back where my life started.
But the superficiality shocked me more than I ever anticipated. Even the local morning news I had to flip off as I was getting ready because the ad-libbing of the dumb witted anchors was making me me lose faith in humanity.

AND! I forgot how cold it is at night (relatively!)! I guess since I've never spent the summer in California, I didn't realize that it's just as cold as January and uh, you can't just wear a tank top and shorts all the time as with humid Eastern summer nights. Lesson learned. HA.

San Fran was cool- it was my first time since one of my uncles' Stanford graduation back in the late 80s when I was just wee - but mostly because of the fabulous company of my cousins, their friends, and great seafood.
It will also be a memory of the fog (and getting sunburned oh-so-sneakily!!!), getting carsick from (or winded from walking) the hills, getting aggravated at the lack of parking, and boiling pot after pot of water for herbal tea.
I guess next time I should pack more than a light shrug and cropped leather jacket and get in a more Seattle kind of mentality!

I just looked through my camera photos and aptly, they are basically all herbal tea shots (the consumption was no joke), so if my computer starts complying with my demands I will post them.

I did get a ridiculous photo of me hanging off some guys' boat in SF Bay while we all listened to Kid Cudi and other bro-tastic things.


You're not surprised, I'm aware. ;)

Irene Aftermath

My roommate and I ended up hunkering down at my cousins' gorgeous townhouse uptown.
There's really nothing like watching hurricane coverage on a high-def projector, and then taking the home elevator up to go to bed.
By Sunday night, roomie and I were in the East Village watching the Saints game (which deserves a post of its own, the saints fans and the southern culture - awesome)
My friends down in the Financial District were the most at risk, urged to evacuate, but if their home videos of them giggling, sauntering in the flooded streets is any indication... we're all just fine.
Thankfully, the only damage done for us was the "Irene 15" (commisserated by everyone who gave themselves a 'free pass' to gorge on high-cal food or get wasted, or both), and now we have 5 cases of water to work through! UGH! So many self-absorbed #WhiteGirlProblems!!! ;)