Monday, September 12, 2011

Irene Aftermath

My roommate and I ended up hunkering down at my cousins' gorgeous townhouse uptown.
There's really nothing like watching hurricane coverage on a high-def projector, and then taking the home elevator up to go to bed.
By Sunday night, roomie and I were in the East Village watching the Saints game (which deserves a post of its own, the saints fans and the southern culture - awesome)
My friends down in the Financial District were the most at risk, urged to evacuate, but if their home videos of them giggling, sauntering in the flooded streets is any indication... we're all just fine.
Thankfully, the only damage done for us was the "Irene 15" (commisserated by everyone who gave themselves a 'free pass' to gorge on high-cal food or get wasted, or both), and now we have 5 cases of water to work through! UGH! So many self-absorbed #WhiteGirlProblems!!! ;)

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