Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saluting September

My birthday was great! Not a huge deviance to my normal routine, but overall, 24 has so far, really agreed with me. Maybe it's simply the evenness of the number. I mean, for one, I played all 7 tiles in a turn of Scrabble last week (it was over 2 triple words, too... 'SALUTING', if you were wondering). So that's good?
My roommate and I have friends in the adjacent building to ours, and long story short, we were heading to dinner to celebrate the big 2-4 and I was left alone on the stoop for a minute while they ran inside to grab things forgotten.
When a couple came and sat on the step above me, I gave it no notice until I heard him whisper something followed by "Happy Birthday" softly, followed by a gasp and a box out of the corner of my eye. After a few moments, I turn and say (I mean, they're sitting 10 inches away from me) "Oh, is it your birthday?!" and she nods. However, before I can tell her that it's mine, too, I notice the huge rock on that finger and the telltale little square box sitting in his lap.
"Wait, did you guys just get engaged?!" I prod. They nod, grinning, and I immediately launch into congratulations, about the time my friends return to the stoop and I tell them of the news, and we all make a rather emphatic (by NY standards) scene of it.
One of my friends takes their picture and then in a break from my own picture-taking refrain (I always regret it, but it feels so forced, innapropriate and awkward in the moment), I decide I can't let my serendipitous moment with the couple I will never see again slip away.
So here is:

"'Our' Moment"/"A September 13 Sandwich"/"A Stoop Proposal" ....

and ultimately, "Only In New York: Installment 3874568723493"

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