Monday, September 12, 2011

Went, went...back, Cali, Cali

As soon as airports opened after blessed Irene, I flew out to LA for work and San Francisco for Labor Day weekend. I gotta say after a couple days, I was already aching to get back to New York.

That being said, it was ... interesting... being back in Southern California. On one hand the vibe is so familiar... for the first time in 8 months, I was back where my life started.
But the superficiality shocked me more than I ever anticipated. Even the local morning news I had to flip off as I was getting ready because the ad-libbing of the dumb witted anchors was making me me lose faith in humanity.

AND! I forgot how cold it is at night (relatively!)! I guess since I've never spent the summer in California, I didn't realize that it's just as cold as January and uh, you can't just wear a tank top and shorts all the time as with humid Eastern summer nights. Lesson learned. HA.

San Fran was cool- it was my first time since one of my uncles' Stanford graduation back in the late 80s when I was just wee - but mostly because of the fabulous company of my cousins, their friends, and great seafood.
It will also be a memory of the fog (and getting sunburned oh-so-sneakily!!!), getting carsick from (or winded from walking) the hills, getting aggravated at the lack of parking, and boiling pot after pot of water for herbal tea.
I guess next time I should pack more than a light shrug and cropped leather jacket and get in a more Seattle kind of mentality!

I just looked through my camera photos and aptly, they are basically all herbal tea shots (the consumption was no joke), so if my computer starts complying with my demands I will post them.

I did get a ridiculous photo of me hanging off some guys' boat in SF Bay while we all listened to Kid Cudi and other bro-tastic things.


You're not surprised, I'm aware. ;)

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