Thursday, October 27, 2011

The eye of the beholder

I don't find Justin Timberlake slightly attractive.

Dude is talented, yes, when his voice doesn't sound whiny... which to his credit he has really improved from the Bye Bye Bye days.

Dance moves? I cannot compete.

Comedic range? Unmistakable. Especially because he is not above playing wonky characters... one specific instance being Peg as Target Lady's best friend (about 2 months ago, I went for a week of watching this sketch about 10 times daily).

But sex appeal? Let's just say everytime I walk past a newsstand in the subway and see him attempting some smoldering variation, I giggle to myself, because to me, his face resembles more the rats I see crawling around beneath the platform.

So him being a bumbling stoned idiot on Letterman made me laugh.

Yeah, I'm just a little shy about sharing other i resort to celebrity mocking. Hah.

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