Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't read this if you have a soul

"Get Off My Internets" is my new favorite blog of a month or two, thanks to Tara.

Maybe it's because I've always had a keen sense of spelling (read: neurotic issues) but "atilier fashuns" makes me laugh out loud.

So, we can conclude I am a darkened soul, as you probably think it's all really mean.

Retain that naivete for the both of us, please! ;)

Updates from the city:
I think I've finally zero'ed in on where Anna Wintour lives. From pause/playing the part in the September Issue a few times, and the fact that I walk by it every time on the way to yoga.
Oh wait, now I feel really dumb because I just googled it and realized I could have had the answer a month sooner. But I feel kind of superior for figuring something out without Google, for once. Haha.
I had a dream that Andre Leon Talley lived across the street from me last night, and we hung out. Weird.

FALL (aka Claritin and Sudafed season) is here!!! Yipee!!!!! I have also started to shun gluten products, as they congest me, so hip hip hooray for no bagels or pizza!

Twitter might as well be a significant other of mine. I love that I can read news headlines and jokes at my beckoned call waiting for a friend and needing to look "cool/busy" on my phone ... or like tonight, as I sat in Washington Square Park and checked it as I listened to an impromptu gospel choir and bums picking at the trash around me. Delightful.
I'm @ZandraLane, if you wanna follow.

LSU is really fun to watch, because they win. The 'bama game last weekend was a nail biter! Related: How adorable is this "I am a Mormon" knockoff of USC quarterback Matt Barkley?


austin said...

Re: spelling issues, I recently saw someone spell faux pas as "fopa" - I LOVED it! :)

Alexandra said...

BIGGINS, I always forget you read my blog. As if my elementary comments on Google+ weren't enough, now I'm really intimidated... oh gee.

Alexandra said...

I like 'fopa'... but if YOU ever use it, i'm gonna confuse it with DOMA or all those DC-affected abbreviations you like to throw around ;)

austin said...

The fact that I continue to read your blog must mean that I'm quite impressed, no? But really, I'm the one intimidated when you talk about this fashion stuff or all the celebs you see in NYC but who I don't even watch on TV :)

In DC it's known as alphabet soup: you meet people working for the EIA (a part of the DOE), or for the CIA or FDIC, I worked for SAIC, etc. Virtually any 3- to 4-letter combo is some organization. Yuck.

Alexandra said...

The fashion industry is bull$h*t, for starters. I am now only intrigued by it because it's astonishing that a few ghastly people (who happen live in my neighborhood) have some sort of an influence on women worldwide. Very un-democratic and sad, despite the fact that they push their efforts to the contrary.

And you don't have a TV? Enlightened.

austin said...

I do have a TV, I just almost never watch it. Instead I waste my time reading and sharing crap on the internet :)