Sunday, March 4, 2012

Euro TV for the win

One of my favorite things in all of life is European television programs. I'm unable to exactly pinpoint why it's just so funny, but maybe their unique senses of humor combined with their different sensibilities contribute. There's something just kind of off about it which makes it hilarious to me.

When I was in Israel a few weeks ago, I took full advantage, of course. The first night I witnessed a classic bit of Euro TV. It was in the same vein as that one "How It's Made" or even more simply, when they'd show uh, how things were made on Mr. Rogers.

Anyways, a segment on some German talk show, it showed how bikinis are made. It showed a lady wearing one, then walking around the bikini factory (awkwardly) wrapped in a white towel, crouching down to (awkwardly) talk with factory ladies sewing at their stations. And it seemed irrelevant that the towel lady was even in the factory, as the sound was scripted voice-over.

At one point there was a machine with a glass window behind it, and the towel lady crept up from hiding behind it, her eyes looming large to look at what was going on in the machine, again, with a voiceover of someone else.

They also kept zooming in on her silver sparkly sandals, too, which I didn't understand. Literally, zooming in on her sandals shining in the light as she walked on the dirty factory floors.
Just bizarre. I was dying.

Another thing I saw on this trip was a past season of The Bachelor, with Hebrew subtitles. Amazing- slash- terrible.

And Jeopardy in Arabic!!! But weirdly, they did not appear to be under any time restraints. So one would answer a question incorrectly, then they'd just sit back for several elongated moments
waiting until fiiinally it seemed like the Arab Alex Trebek decided no one else was ringing in (or if they did, it was not without some non-urgent waiting time), and they'd go on to the next question.

Also, exhibit Kristen Wiig (also apropos in light of the Julian Assange shenanigans):

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