Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crack is whack and other mission preps

Likening sugar to cocaine has finally hit mainstream. Ever since the 60 Minutes segment on sugar a couple weeks ago my parents and I have made a concerted effort to eschew this drug. 
I knew I had no faith in the food system before, and this collective effort has further bolstered my conviction. 
It's so "end of days" to me: that a government purporting to be the leader of the free world is actually poisoning its people in the name of greed, by allowing major food corporations to buy off politicians so laws enable them to addict us with chemicals.

Combine this with my effort to be gluten free (going on a month), and it's been a good challenge. I swear there are no more nuts left on the earth- i've eaten them all. But I have so much energy and am less weighed down by the day.

And since my sugar tolerance is down, now I find myself consuming less when I do. 

TIP: did you know the Almond & Apricot KIND bar tastes exactly like a piece of buttered toast with apricot jam? Delish.

In terms of how #MissionPrep fits in with all the above, I'm committed to staying gluten free and low-sugar on the mish, which gets me a little nervous since I am going to The South aka Paula Deen territory. But rest assured, a few simple Google searches of Charlotte-area Trader Joe's and Whole Foods assuaged a lot of my fears. My childhood friend Courtney gets home from her mission in Siberia next week, and my dad turns to me while we're driving away from her parent's house after dinner the other day, "Whenever those bad days come, just think 'Siberia' in your mind, it really could be so much worse." Indeed. No one thought she'd survive it, let alone thrive, but she loves it there. Mind boggling. 

The more I think about Carolina, the more I'm convinced I absolutely hit the jackpot of missions, as it's a very desirable place to live by real-world standards. Not too hot or cold... nice people... if any medical disaster hits, I'm in the middle of the Research Triangle...can't ask for more, really.

In other Mission Prep news, I feel like I'm not in a 'mission' state of mind. I still crack innappropriate jokes and most of the time my eye is single to the glory of beach volleyball. And still addicted to Twitter, which I've essentially curated into a nonstop joke feed. I'm definitely more hesitant about the 'incubation' of the Provo MTC than I am about being 'out in the field', but I figure that being with people a few years younger gives me license to channel some immaturity. I guess it's about attitude after all? ;)

To spare the simple personal details that went into this decision from the publicity of the blogosphere, I still know a mission is absolutely the right decision at this time, even though I don't know exactly why yet.

I went to the temple last week for the first time, which was really cool. I went into it with a lot of hesitations and nerves, knowing some of my friends have gone inactive or left the church because of it. Last night went again with a lady in my ward who is a real Old Testament scholar- it's all very fascinating. 

Oh, if you'd like to be on my mission email letter list, send me an email or Facebook message with your email! This is all so surreal...


austin said...

Awesome! Glad you liked your temple experience. And definitely add me to the email list. I think you have my address...

Jg. for FatScribe said...

so, one of my best buds had his mission, wait for it, ... in Irvine, California.

nice. could have been worse. might have had Laguna Beach.