Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Did you know that fear of what's behind a shower curtain is a definable phobia? Thanks Austin, you never cease to amaze in your mental sexiness.

I unabashedly love Twitter in all its banal brevity. Is it a personality flaw that I openly love the stand-up comedian strata? (I Love Charts)

Also, My Friends Are Married continues to be pure Internet gold. Every day, I seem to G+ share it with a progressively hyperbolic "No...THIS...THIS! is my FAVORITE...EVER!!!" But seriously, Kristen Wiig's Target Lady plus MFAM equals an explosion of spectacularness.

Um, is it just me or is SNL falling totally flat lately with the absence of said Kristen Wiig? Really sad.

Alright, back to Twitter. I mean, how can we not with things like this?!!

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Austin Smith said...

That twitter graphic is amazing. The fact that the zombie accounts are represented by the default "egg" avatar is perhaps the best part.