Monday, December 3, 2012

Joanna Brooks get out of my head!

Haha. (Meaning, don't stop!)

But seriously, these were the kinds of topics I had hoped to have scintillating nerdy gospel discussions about on the mission, but alas, whenever I tried to raise a concern, opinion, or statement that wasn't a canned Primary answer, I was scolded and/or labeled a threat.

Ah well. (Well, at least today I'm feeling "ah well" about it. Depending on the day, I can get really angry about it.)

Glad to be back with the unorthodox again, and praise be to God, whatever form He takes, for giving me a mind to use. I know, right?! I'm just not righteous enough to soften my heart to a more orthodox way!!! Shame shame shame. ;)

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Austin Smith said...

Word. Long live Joanna Brooks!