Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Right Here, Right Now

wearing: A hanes v-neck (you know, those 5 for $12 dollar ones at Target), and green cargo pants from Anthro like 3 years ago.

watching: Shahs of Sunset and The Bachelor, for the hot mess factor.

thinking about: how weird it is that I like the taste of super bitter raw cacao nibs. if I should go to Duck Beach this year. why people become sanctimonious d-bags. about non-traditional birthing options enduring the eternities.

listening to: Lana del Rey (the obsession endures).

reading: Midnight by Sister Souljah (thumbs down, but it's for a book club), The Ivy Portfolio by Mebane Faber (2013 is the year of understanding finance), feminist blogs. Just finished Argo and really enjoyed it.

excited about: going to Sun Valley next month to snowboard and hang with a friend.

planning: to re-teach myself how to ski again.

loving: the Yonanas machine. It looks so dinky, but it creates the creamiest, not icy like sorbet, dessert-y concoctions out of JUST fruit. Try frozen mango+ strawberry+ banana.

making me happy: "taking trips" around the world via Instagram hashtags (and being simultaneously frustrated and endeared that humanity tags its selfies as places all too often).

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