Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

The whole event of making New Year's Resolutions feels like a commercialized holiday in and of itself, doesn't it?

For someone like myself, who constantly ruminates on how to improve (often to a merciless teetering brink of self-destruction), the exercise of setting goals can build more anxiety than is intended by these Resolutions, sort of American-ish interpretations of the idea to just become a little better.

So while I have no concrete resolutions, I am very hopeful about this year!

Firmly entrenched in my 20s, the past year proved a bold upheaval of values and raw examination-table analysis of things that had been simmering on the backburner for a few years. While the cynical side of myself would prefer to believe I didn't learn a damn thing from it, 2012 gave me things I'll draw upon in future and things from which to move forward.

My most poignant takeaways were definitely religious: the reaffirmation I reached in Jerusalem that Jesus Christ indeed holds significance in my life, and my time in Appalachia where I never felt less saintly. You know, just stuff I'll be unraveling meaning from for, oh, probably forever.

Which is all to say that I already adore 2013 and can't wait for the awaiting adventures!

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