Monday, April 22, 2013

Reading Twitter is like playing slots: addictive!

This past week highlights:

Stayed up til 3 am last Thursday morning reading Twitter about the Boston manhunt, eyes glazed over like a gambler at a slot machine pulling the lever, flicking at the screen for more text.

Fielded numerous calls and texts from my already predisposed to worry sister in lockdown. She has a friend who went to prom with the kid. Crazy.

Worked some. Rested some. I'm still. just. so. tired. all. the time and I just want a more definitive diagnosis to my "I just don't feel like doing anything most days, but I inevitably push myself, and then I get super tired, sad, apathetic and my neck hurts" symptoms than "you're just really depressed, keep taking these pills." 

Snapchat sounds like the most absolutely pointless app in the world, but it's actually SO GREAT. I never imagined the whole "expiration" factor to be such a powerful motivator to keep in touch with people, knowing they can't analyze just HOW dumb a photo is or unflattering a silly selfie.

Went to the Clippers kinda last minute. I'm totally late to the party, but am nevertheless ON the Blake Griffin crush train. Haha.

Oh! Cool story!! So my devil comp is home from the mish, friended me on The Face, and I'm freaking out about it. I mean, I still haven't even cracked open my journals since I'm expect a huge shitstorm of horrible memories. She sent me a pretty complimentary letter a few months ago, which really confused me and made me conclude that maybe she IS just that oblivious to how ghastly she is to be around. Either way, I'm scared! I've never struggled so hard to get along with (or at least, just understand and appease the demands of) someone, and when you're forced to spend 24/7 with them and there's so much pressure to love them and it gets wrapped up in Jesus-guilt like "I am a horrible person if I don't at least think she is awesome," it's compounded several degrees. I actually just started crying a little bit at the memory, I thought I was done with that, ugh. What the hell...

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

okay ... think i've seen you post from NZ and NY and even from your parents place up north i believe. but, now ... what? you're in LA? or is it SD?

that's too cool. if/when you get some time, look at FatScribe and read some of my Malibu narratives (i'm in malibu canyon). i also started an internet company in san diego a few years out of law school that's still going (fingers crossed).

glad to see you're back on the left coast. not sure what your health concern/scare was, though. trust you're well, soon. prayers work (james 5:16) ... you have them.