Monday, September 23, 2013

Ye olde blog!

Ye olde blog! Good to see you again!

Some things to which my absence can be attributed include Instagram, tennis, and doing mid-20s things like strengthening my shoulder to prevent rotator cuff surgery. Otherwise, I'm a completely unabashed SoCal-ian, equal parts green juice and gluten free toast, driving a convertible and being obsessed with every cliche. Concurrently identifying with and mocking SNL's The Californians, et al.

Gone are the Google Reader days, and suspecting I had a little case of social media anxiety, I decided to change my relationship with it to being more ego-centric, instead of (mainly) voyeuristic. (Coupled with living in nyc, it was a recipe for thinking I was a waste of space on the planet with nothing new to contribute (I feel like this is an unspoken complex of the early 20s yuppie- see there I go again, reducing myself to a stereotype)). I have no blog feed news service, and I honestly can say my anxiety has lessened with my carefree levels at a high. I've become less critical of myself, and a lot more present in the moment.

I love the brevity of Twitter, and I'm on it pretty often since it's mobile. Oft misunderstood as it is used for a variety of purposes ranging from the banal to critically relevant, Twitter comprises personally curated content read in a real-time newsfeed format. It's actually pretty mind-blowing if you realize that text written by tweens trying to elicit a birthday wish from Justin Bieber and middle easterners organizing tyrant overthrow could exist side by side. The way I contribute is decidedly ego-centric, as "an intentionally vague ledger of snap judgments, observations, overhearings, and occurrences." In other words, a one-line journal of sorts. I had a professor once who indelibly decreed that condensing is an art form. While I completely agree with this, I often feel I have trouble expounding on things since my writing has heavily lent itself to tightly edited content.

I was talking with a good friend this summer who wants to go into media, and expressed her worry if she would become helpless to viewing any life situation with a reporter lens i.e. even while at a mediocre party, you're crafting sentences in your head, drumming up the perfect descriptive word(s), taking note of the most minute details to perhaps create a bridge of symbolism, already thinking ahead to writing in past tense while in the present. In hindsight, I definitely used to fall prey to this line of thinking. While it is a lauded developed skill, it also drives you crazy. I like to think my new media outlook has reformed me.

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

Wow ... Just read like 4 or 5 posts just now. You have been busy. Very glad to have you back in Cali and I so appreciate your sarcasm more than you can know! You have a great voice in your writing. And as an avowed religious Christian conservative, I also appreciate both your religious journey and your giving props to our Maggie T?!

Blessings and California badass warm wishes!

Jg. over @FatScribe