Sunday, August 10, 2014

David B. and the Plant

It's August 10, 2014 and I found a lot of awaiting drafts in my blog queue. So I'm going to publish! Apologies if they're redundant. Actually, why am I apologizing?

From June-ish 2011 (I was living in NYC):

Besides the Carolina Herrera afternoon, one of my most poignant NY moments thusfar occurred not at night (and there have been some epic nights), but a breezy Saturday afternoon a month ago or so, sitting outside Doughnut Plant at the Chelsea Hotel briefly chatting with makeup artists on some random photo shoot for a Norwegian magazine, as I inhaled my Coconut Cream square donut semi-self-consciously (I have more body dysmorphia issues than I care to elaborate, as part of residual body image problems I have had since early youth ... I make fun of it as much as I am sensitive).

Across the street from the famous main David Barton Gym ('the most nightclubby one' ... where Marc Jacobs works out), which has the most provocative gym adverts.

Hang out for enough time at Doughnut Plant Chelsea (which, if you saw their employees, probably has a strict 'don't-eat-the-merchandise' policy) and you're bound to see a gaggle of gays coming out of it cursing the demise of their once-beach-ready body with each bite of a Valhrona Chocolate.

Which brings me to how funny I think STEFON is on SNL. And Bill Hader breaking character has really become part of the whole character, mark my words.

Here are his Mother's day suggestions.

Here are his Valentine's day picks (... wait for the 'suitcase' part. so bad. so real.)

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