Sunday, August 10, 2014

Golden Granny

From September 2011.

The "golden generation" of people born in the 1920s-30s (ish) is unendingly inspiring.

My maternal grandmother being one of them, daughter of university president and wife, who obtained a Master's degree (before her husband would officially obtain his, even), was tall, played sports and was competitive, and played tennis her whole life, even after knee replacements in her 70s. Not to mention was the most feminine June Cleaver housewife to boot, even if she never let her grandchildren beat her in gin rummy until they could on their own merit.
When I was in San Fran earlier this month, I learned a story of how my uncle and his B-school friend were staying at my grandparents' house when they were on a trip, and my grandmother asked them if they'd like to play tennis one afternoon.
And they played Aussie style, it was the two boys versus the mom.
And my uncle was a 6'6" dual-sport collegiate athlete.
Aaaaand grandma schools them.
Probably would have been in her mid-50s.