Sunday, August 10, 2014


This post is from Halloween 2011, when I was living in NYC. Again, the now-outdated cultural references are so amusing to me.

For Halloween, I went as an Occupier (last year the topical costume was a Chilean Miner, this year it was Occupiers and Black/White Swans)...but not just any Occupier...

I was pretty uninspired so I was talking with one of my friends how I just wanted to put on cat/mouse ears so I didn't feel dumb, and she is in finance so she teased me by saying that was 'a 1% costume'... in the EFFORT department.  And then she calls me from the costume store later saying she was seriously considering going as Anthony Weiner. I won't expound on details, but yeah, hilarious.

Coloring in the 1% took about 99% of the total effort.

Allie also whipped her costume together in 5 seconds, piling on layers and being a Babushka. Yeah, she had to go back to work after we checked out the Village Parade, sooo....

Other favorite halloween costumes I saw were my friend Liz who went as 'Knope 2012' (Parks and Rec reference), one of Alexander McQueen's designs for Lady Gaga (remember the madness that was the Met McQueen exhibit?! I was lucky to only wait 45 mins), and Mohammar Gaddhafi.
Halloween in the city is so much fun, I just wish it weren't so DAMN COLD ALREADY.