Sunday, August 10, 2014

Portlandia parodies

I have been binge watching and loving Portlandia the past few days. The humor is so fast paced, I just don't want to miss anything. And the short sketch format keeps my attention well. It it is so damn clever and picks up on these minute, universal details of life while parodying crunchy, granola, uber-progressive communities.

Some favorites:

How was Colin, the chicken, raised?

Getting stuck in the loop of checking email, texts, Facebook, other social media.

Should have brought a bag.

No, you go. No, you tow.

So I am trying to think of some minute details of life that are universally realized but not parodied. This is an ongoing list, and highly nonsensical.

The creamer/sugar station at coffee shops. How lukewarm the milk must be, but it is an accepted addition for most? An artisanal coffee shop that doesn't have the brown kind of cane sugar? Since when does brown connote "healthier"? Is it because dirt is usually brown?