Monday, April 27, 2015

"It's impossible to hate anyone whose story you know."

I felt a sense of peace and love as I watched the Bruce Jenner special. His sensitive candor touched me, and reaffirmed that I can always be better understanding of those with whom I do not immediately relate.
His is an anguished, sorrowful, triumphant and hopeful story of a man who has never felt at home within something so universal, primal, vital, taken for granted -- his own body. And despite these feelings, going on to achieve such alpha-male feats few will ever comprehend...and also such common things like marriage and fatherhood. I think it is this mix of extraordinary and ordinary that makes Jenner both fascinating and relatable, a hero on many levels and in many forms. A world class athlete and a carpooling dad at the same time. Then add on the element of inescapable media scrutiny he faces as a public figure, and one is hard pressed to not sympathize with him (her).

On a lighter note, I thought it was hilarious how Diane Sawyer refrained from mentioning the Kardashians by name (except in her voice-overs on b-roll), instead referring to them as "them."

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T.RIPPY said...

Perfectly stated. So much admiration for him (her) as a magnificent human being.