Monday, April 27, 2015

Valley Girls

I live with five girls in the Valley. When I tell people this, it raises some eyebrows, but it is one of the best living situations in which I have ever been. Someone is always home to chat, catch up, chew the fat -- it's kind of like being on a sitcom. From STD scares to stories of working alongside celebrities, there's rarely a dull moment when we're all (or mostly all) home. Or it's a pleasant kind of dull -- sometimes there's not much going on, but you're rarely alone.

They're each pursuing their dreams in the industry, and I have enormous respect for all of them. It's a hard, vulnerable, financially stressful journey-- but they are all happy because they are doing what they love.

When I moved to LA, I was bummed that my work wasn't on the (what I thought was) coveted west side. But I've realized that there is much to love about the quirkier, more easterly and northerly parts. My work is rumored to be moving to a more western location within the year, and I think this has given me pause to take stock in what I've learned and loved about this side of the city.

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